A Table Inspired by Pollution

A Table Inspired by Pollution

The Robber Baron series by Studio Job is an important suite of five cast-bronze furnishings, consisting of a Cabinet, Mantel Clock, Table, Standing Lamp, and Jewel Safe, each to be offered in a limited edition of five commissioned by Murray Moss. From these five pieces the table that you can see in the pictures below got my attention. A patinated bronze “factory”, whose architecture is derived from interpretations of various early 20th century works, including the AEG factory of Peter Behrens and the Battersea Power Station in London. The four chimneys produce a “polluted cloud” of polished bronze, which becomes the open-work tabletop. All these pieces are inspired by ‘tales of power, corruption, art and industry’ all featuring strong gold and black elements. within the fist hour of the show, a set of pieces were sold to a private collector for 700,000 USD. I’m pretty sure that people who do their best to help the environment will have to say about this table. – Via


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