Furniture from Giant Lego Bricks : LunaBlocks

Furniture from Giant Lego Bricks : LunaBlocks

For those of you who loved Lego when you were young here is something that might remind you of that period. Designed and created by Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker, LunaBlocks are based on an original concept, the transformation and enlargement of bricks used in building games for children. Easily stacked together, functional and totally versatile, LunaBlocks are designed for the world of decoration and for the home. Like traditional Legos, these blocks come in a variety of colors and configurations all you need to finish a project is some glass, a pillow or cushion, some creativity and loads and loads of disposable income. Unfortunately, each one of these bricks will set you back $20-$55, which could make your dream of turning your pad into a mini Legoland quite costly. You can buy the bricks online from Homology. The good part is that you can create your own piece of furniture, and change it’s shape from time to time. – Via – Dvice


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    These are great remind of when I was a kid. I can just picture these in a nice loft space with some graffiti on the walls.

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    Is nice to see some good articles like this one, thank you.

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