Remote Controlled Wall Mount System for your Flat Screen TV

Remote Controlled Wall Mount System for your Flat Screen TV

In these days wall mounted flat-screen TV’s are more and more popular and affordable. A lot of people buy them, because they look good mounted on the wall, and they also save space. Inca is in the business of helping you decide what to do with your flat panel. Their newest creation is the P/N 900810-5A-WPS “Off the Wall” unit. At the press of a button, you can bring your TV out from the wall and rotate it to the most desired viewing position. With the touch of a button, you can also initiate automatic commands that reverse motions, from any position, to bring the fl at-screen back to the wall. Based on a swivel and pull-out, the TV Mount is controlled by remote. The system features a recessed box and cable management, so your wall will be clutter-free of wires. If you have adjoining rooms where you might want, say, to view your kitchen TV in the dining room, you’ll get plenty of good use from the swivel feature. If you are interested in this system you can check out Inca’s site for the Motorized Wall-Mounted Pullout and Swivel System and some of their other creative pull-down and lifting ideas. – Via


  • […] Inca’s TV Mount With Automatic Pull-Out and Swivel Features [Home Entertainment] posted by 4th, 2008 Automatic TV mounts are nothing new, but this new design by Inca is intriguing with its remote controlled pull-out and swivel features. Instead of simply tilting from side to side, Inca’s version can also be moved nearly flush with the wall, or out for clear views from extreme angles. According to Inca, the P/N 900810-5A-WPS “Off the Wall” system should accommodate most TV sizes. Unfortunately, pricing and availability information has yet to be released. [Inca via Electronic House via Gearlive via Freshome] […]

  • […] Les supports automatisés pour télés ne sont pas nouveaux, mais ce design signé Inca est assez intrigant avec ses fonctions télécommandées de pivotement et d’extraction de la télé du mur. Au lieu de pivoter d’un côté et de l’autre, la version d’Inca peut placer la télé au même niveau que le mur, ou l’extraire pour que l’écran soit visible même dans des angles extrêmes. Selon Inca, le système P/N 900810-5A-WPS “Off the Wall” peut s’accommoder de toutes les tailles de TV. Malheureusement, le prix et la disponibilité sont encore des inconnus. [Inca via Electronic House via Gearlive via Freshome] […]

  • […] Los soportes automáticos para televisión no son nuevos, pero este modelo de Inca resulta atractivo por su diseño y por sus amplias capacidades de giro. En lugar de girar levemente de un lado a otro, el P/N 900810-5A-WPS “Off the Wall” de Inca es capaz de realizar casi un giro completo gracias a ese brazo que separa el televisor de la pared. Todo ello, controlado de forma automática con un mando a distancia. Según las especificaciones de la compañía, el soporte se puede adaptar a prácticamente todos los tamaños de televisores planos existentes. Lamentablemente, no dicen cuáles se quedan fuera y tampoco hablan de precios y de disponibilidad. — Rafa M. Claudín [Freshome] […]