Colorful Bleeding Paint Chairs by Anna ter Haar

Colorful Bleeding Paint Chairs by Anna ter Haar

These colorful pieces of furniture designed by Anna ter Haar were exposed during the international design fair Salone del Mobile, which takes place in Milan from April 16 until April 21. The white chairs appear to be bleeding rainbows of wet paint, the fantastic hues dripping from holes drilled in the corners. Now a lot of people might say : “Wow …amazing, beautiful.“, but I would like to know who would actually want something like this in their home ? Something that you can’t even sit on. I agree that these pieces look good in pictures, but a piece of furniture usually is designed to be useful not just to look good in pictures. Sometimes I wonder why people design things like this … – Via – Design Milk


  • lis April 27, 2008 at 13:40 PMLogin to Reply →

    I did a little bit of research into this because it really intrigued me. The designer just graduated from design school last year and she lists this project as one of her research projects — the aim was to research resin. So, the drippy parts are actually resin and should be fairly stable. But, I think it makes a lot more sense once you realise it is a design student and not a designer intending to market this directly.

    In design school, the student is often instructed to put research into something to explore the idea, without any regard as to whether or not it could be useful “in real life”. This really pushes the designers-to-be into thinking differently than they likely would on their own and is a stepping stone to coming up with new and fantastic ideas they’ll use for the mass market in several years.

    I like the chairs. I wouldn’t want them for my dining table set, but maybe one as a stool in the laundry room or the entryway (for putting on your shoes).. it’d be a neat little piece of intrigue. The footstool ones look significantly sturdier.

  • 100%Fake April 28, 2008 at 10:45 AMLogin to Reply →

    I am one of those pragmatic man that would probably prefer usability over aesthetics. But let me say: in my life, I’ve seen really unuseful furniture, and this is NOT so bad. I am looking for a pair of nice chairs for my new house and, I admit, I had and idea of color-over-white like this.

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