Dual Purpose Drinking Mug

Dual Purpose Drinking Mug

A few readers sent me emails telling me that every morning they grab a cup of tea or coffee, open their computer and come to Freshome to check if I’ve posted some new fresh designs. When I’ve found this original, brilliantly designed dual purpose drinking mug, I’ve immediately though at those people who sent me emails, and I’ve decided that this might be a good design to post. This dual purpose drinking mug can be purchased for £13.99 from here.


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  • Nathan Sheets February 28, 2008 at 19:45 PM Login to Reply →

    I wonder if they have a left-handed version…if I used this cup my cookies would slip out! ;)

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  • Kpriss March 3, 2008 at 09:51 AM Login to Reply →

    Now that’s a “complete breakfast” ;)

    However if they would have made one with place for a croissant, what a wonder! Then again why not two croissants? To make it a delight? On a second thought – does it come with fresh orange juice too? mmm.. guess not.. At least an incorporated voice feed burner? mmm what a shame!

    ;) Lovely mug!

  • Hannah January 11, 2009 at 16:41 PM Login to Reply →

    # Mug with space for biscuits in the base
    # The perfect gift for anyone
    # Available in right and left handed versions
    # Designed and manufactured in the UK
    # Ceramic
    # Dimensions: H10.5cm approx

    The Mocha Dunk Mug is the original, brilliantly designed dual purpose Mug.
    The Dunk Mug is the perfect gift idea for anyone.
    It is available in right and left handed versions in various colours. so no need to worry for lefties!!!