Ultra Modern Furniture Air Lounge System

Ultra Modern Furniture Air Lounge System

Air Lounge System is a piece of furniture that looks like something you might see in some futuristic movie, but who knows maybe this is the future of furniture, rounded shapes and angles. The sofas and armchairs of the Air Lounge System are in moulded cold-cure flexible polyurethane foam. The padding completely incorporates the supporting structure, which is made of electro-welded steel plate; the suspension in the seating consists of elastic straps fixed to the basic structure. The unusual ring shape of this model makes the sewing and fitting of the upholstery especially difficult – so much so that the skill with which it has been accomplished is clearly evident even to non-expert eyes. The elements of this series may be upholstered either in leather or fabric, with the possibility of combining different colours and materials. – Via – Furniturestoreblog


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    true modern furniture with smart ideas, suitable for minimalist room design

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    OK dont like the finish on it mabey in acrilic

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