Interior Design Ideas - 7 Design Trends

Interior Design Ideas – 7 Design Trends

For those who want some interior design ideas to arrange their home today I’ve discovered this 6:47 video presented by Regina Sturrock, and I think she shares some great tips that you should remember. Now let’s take a look at this video and grab some tips and interior design inspiration. Enjoy ! – Via – TrendHunter


  • Albuquerque real estate September 1, 2007 at 18:21 PMLogin to Reply →

    Maybe it’s just my computer, but the video link didn’t work for me.

  • Michael September 1, 2007 at 21:27 PMLogin to Reply →

    I’ve checked and the video is working well.

  • Helen September 4, 2007 at 05:06 AMLogin to Reply →

    The video didnt work for me either. According to youtube it has been removed by the user.

  • Interior Designers India July 8, 2008 at 07:36 AMLogin to Reply →

    The video does not exist on youtube anymore. Anyway, Regina
    Sturrock is a well known interior designer..has some really great
    stuff. You can check out her website to get more information.

  • Dennis December 29, 2014 at 08:12 AMLogin to Reply →

    hmm thanks dude, I get more information