August 2007 -

Creative Modern Shelving System

This Multi-functional shelf design by Yoon-Zee Kim is a playful and creative piece of furniture. You can use it as a shelving system or a seating and a desk. This piece of furniture has a modern look, doesn’t take to much space and is a very clever idea that looks nice. – Via – Cubeme

Flex – Wall Console

The Flex Wall Console designed by Lorenzo Damiani is an interesting piece of furniture, that can be used to store a large collection of DVD’s or books. An interesting approach for those who have large collections of DVDs, and want a piece of furniture to display their collection. You can find this product at Montina.- […]

Waterless Washing Machine Cleans Clothes With Nothing But Air

Last month we presented you the innovative Detergentless Haier WasH20 Washing Machine, a washing machine that don’t require detergent for washing clothes. Today I’ve found another innovative product from the washing machines industry. The new Airwash washing machine, a waterless washing machine. Not only does it save water (obviously), but you don’t have to dry […]

Liquid Kiss – Yuanyang II

I’m sure that everyone love original and interesting things, and Liquid Kiss – Yuanyang II is one of those things that can keep your eye focused for at least a few seconds, a great example of pure art. Personally I would like to have a sculpture like this somewhere on my furniture. The pottery, named […]

Mademoiselle Missoni Chair by Philippe Starck

The Mademoiselle armchair upholstered in stylish Missoni fabric has an innovative colorful design, that can make any place feel more alive. For a second when I saw this chair for the first time I saw it like a little graffiti in a ghetto. The Mademoiselle Missoni Chair by Kartell brings together the distinctive fabric of […]

LuLL the Flower Light

LULL is a lamp that opens and closes like a flower. In the evening the lamp gives a warm glow, to give a feeling of safety while it slowly turns itself off. In the morning the lamp opens, gradually increasing the light intensity to give the user a more comfortable awakening. LULL is an award-winning […]

The Rolling Shelf

For those who are looking for creative shelving solutions here’s another interesting design. The Rolling Shelf has one end made from individual pieces of wood held together by fabric. This new flexible hinge allows you to really create some unique shelving options that are aesthetically interesting. The Rolling Shelf is designed by Catherine Greene.

Stylish “Lantern” Speakers from Xount

If you want some speakers that can improve your home decor, XOUNTS offers wireless speakers with a choice of “skins” for the ultimate in chic home decor. These monument speakers from Swiss company “Xounts” come with a selection of skins, offered in seasonal collections. Because these use flat speaker technology instead of traditional cones, they […]

HutJ Camila Rocker by Matthew Kroeker

When I saw the HutJ Camila Rocker by Matthew Kroeker I just fall in love with this chair, the sleek lines, generously-sized seat area, and great fabric selection, the color. The drop-dead gorgeous Camila Rocker by Matthew Kroeker for HutJ is available in 10 colors, one of which is sure to match your interior perfectly. […]

Single Hauz by Front Architects

I’ve found this project – Single Hauz by Front Architects a few days ago but I wans’t sure if I should post about this project. Finally to many people told me about this project and I’ve saw so much buzz about this project and I’ve decided to post. As you can see from these pictures […]

Polar Furniture by Pearson and Lloyd

This sofa is an elemont from the organic polar collection of furniture, from british designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd. Their goal was to create simple, timeless shapes that appear like fragments of icebergs fising up from the floor. The sofa has a wood frame, and can be reconfigured to create six different seating arrangements. […]

Hang Wall Hooks

A few days ago I’ve presented you the Spell Shelf by Da-Eun Song a shelf that spells out shelf. Today I’ve found another interesting home product that has a similar characteristic. Design house Seletti brings new meaning to the phrase “HANG time” with these individual letters that double as a wall hook. This set comes […]

Tour Eiffel Lamp

If you love Paris, and you want something to remember of that beautiful city that the Tour Eiffel Lamp would be a great souvenir. An interesting stilysh design that can look good on any office. This lamp can be purchased online from here for 240.00 € – Via – Pan-Dan

Electric Carpet from Panasonic Keeps your Warm

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic just released a heated rug that have a special radiant mat that sits beneath the surface of the carpet to keep things nice and warm and when I say warm I mean upto 46°C and if that is way too hot for you you can always adjust it. Be careful if […]

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