The Island – Table, Lounge Chairs, and Bed all in one piece

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The Island is a play of geometric shapes. Square and circle form a single unit through the sum of their elements. Toghther the elements form a bed. Separately you get 4 lounge sears and 1 table. The design is very innovative, but I’m wondering how comfortable is the bed formed from 5 pieces. – Designed by Gerd Cockhuyt from Moon Design

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  • Philip Meurisse July 25, 2007 at 13:45 PM Login to Reply →

    Surely we follow too what’s the comment about our products.
    Just wanted to tell something more about the island.
    Underneath we apply an anti-glide layer which keeps the pieces in perfect place. The foam was carefully chosen so it is suitable of sitting or laying.
    So with a nice blanket, it’s a comfortable kingsize bed of 230x230cm.