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Another Bed that almost Floats

Joel Hesselgren has a very interesting design for this bed. At a first glance this bed might seem to float just like other “floating beds” that I’ve presented in this blog, Fluttua – The Floating Bed and Doze Bed . This bed is supported by two opposing corners that double as end tables. As you can see from the second picture the bed can double his size anytime you need to get an extra place for sleeping. The innovative frame can be divided to support two singles side by side. Sexy, sleek, and future safe. – Via – Yankodesign

future bed Another Bed that almost Floats

future bed2 Another Bed that almost Floats

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3 responses to “Another Bed that almost Floats” - Add yours!

  1. Ken Girard said:
    July 17, 2007

    OK, try as I might I can not see how those two pictures are using the same frame.
    In the picture on the bottom the frame is almost as wide as the narrowest part of the mattress, but in the picture at the top it is only half a mattress wide.
    Yes, I see that the frame is two separate pieces, and that it is rotated, but the geometry doesn’t seem to work.
    Am I missing something, or are all of you folks just seeing what you want to see?

  2. Richard said:
    July 18, 2007

    I’m presuming the above picture is featured with a smaller bed than the below picture.

    Neat design and geometry, I just want to see how sturdy it is. : )

  3. Ken Girard said:
    July 18, 2007

    Yeah I guess that your right. The additional bed on the right might be thinner. Seems like a silly idea then as I thought the idea was to make owning this be a savings. I mean if two folks who own these beds decided to live together, then they have to go get one of the smaller mattresses and use the extra big mattress as a guest bed. Not great idea for your average young couple as space is normally at a premium.

    The design seems to be one aimed more towards those with money to spare as the only practical place to put this bed is in the center of a large room, as the built in nightstands will make it eat up too much space if you tried to shove it against a wall, not to mention the worry that things would fall behind the bed all the time.

    But then this is more fashion then something you’d find at WalMart.

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