Bubble House by Pierre Cardin’s

bulle 12 432 Bubble House by Pierre Cardin’s

I’m fascinated by this kind of buildings, and in general by everything that is amazing, and this house is something really amazing. But let’s find something about this house …

Twenty years ago, Pierre Cardin was looking for a house in Cannes, but he couldn’t stand the prospect of the unoriginal villas that had multiplied all over the Côte d’Azur. He wanted the architectural equivalent of his avant-garde creations in fashion. Then, cutting across a point of land with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean, he happened upon a construction site. The project was being built by an architect named Antti Lovag for an industrialist with whom Lovag had become friends while building a previous house. The current one was most intriguing: It was to be a bubble-house, an unusual enterprise intended to demonstrate the possibility of short-circuiting traditional architecture in the name of original, contemporary design. Unfortunately, the industrialist with this brilliant vision died before the work was complete, which is where Cardin stepped in—overjoyed to acquire, almost ready-made, a residence that fit him like a glove…read more & more pictures

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  1. Roux said:
    September 19, 2007


    We indicate you a villa conceived by Antti Lovag in Big Lyon (France). You can see sites: not / historique.php3? Id_loca=215 / questionmaison / W00440 / 1/ ndex.htm


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