What’s Up Sofa by Patrick Norguet

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Patrick Norguet has an interesting idea when he designed this fabric upholstered sofa with tubular base. From my perspective this looks like a piece of bathtub. The chaise longue WHAT’S UP is a strong, minimalistic, almost graphic design. By combining both the left and right chaise longue, you can make a 3,40 metre sofa! Its wide arm- and back support make it comfortable for resting your arm.

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  • Mycroft May 28, 2007 at 01:01 AM Login to Reply →

    Also noteworthy is the possible alternate configuration as a cup-shaped twin-sleeping surface. In the real world, something very sturdy would be needed to hold the front cross-pieces together, as the natural tendency of of sofa parts would be to slide apart, but barring that slight redesign, you could make a very unique temporary sleeping surface from this product