Secure Your Home with Lightning Based Entry Denial System

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Portal Denial System is a very interesting and useful system to prevent your home from burglars. Is made by Ionatron; it uses LIPC (laser-induced plasma channel) whereby a virtual wire is formed from the path of a laser leaving behind a stream of conductive plasma. You can then fire a lethal or “less lethal” shot of electricity down that ‘wire’ and give someone a surprise. Now the bad news – “It’s only authorized for sale to the US government.”. Now let’s take a look at this video and find out how this system works. – Via – ShashGear – Suggested via Send Us Tips by Enzis

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  • SCI FI Tech May 19, 2007 at 16:00 PM Login to Reply →

    Portal Denial System makes movie lasers look weak…

    You know those scenes in movies like Ocean’s Twelve, where burglars are blocked by a bunch of lasers shooting out all over the place, threatening to alert the guards……