Multicolor Walls Using Lights

Last month I’ve wrote an article that had a huge success and received a lot of comments. That article was Room Color and How it Affects your Mood, if you didn’t saw him until now you should take a look, because you can learn a lot of useful stuff from this article. Now starting from this article Duravit came with an interesting idea, to create individual light effects with the help of adjustable lighting on the mirror. As you know the room color can affect you mood, and these lights can change the atmosphere in a second, just by changing the light. 

The collection, e-mood, was the innovation of Munich’s Andreas Struppler, who is known for his ability to combine technology and innovation. Here, e-lights (and mirrors) combine with both ambient and LED lights; Controllers are tucked neatly within shelves; and, communication between them all is by wireless. Forget needing a remote control (and needing to locate it) — just simply touch a light — and all will respond.

duravitemoodfurniture Multicolor Walls Using Lights

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  1. Zahid said:
    August 8, 2009

    Please send me the room light color scheme for a cool mind excess.all possible color schemes.