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DS 1025 – A unique seating experience

I found this really interesting piece of leather furniture. As you can see DS1025 is a piece of furniture that is made from many elements, and you can choose the desired shape.You can make a sofa, an armchair, a bed, etc. – Product Page – Found on BedZine

ds1025 chair 1 DS 1025   A unique seating experience

Built on the basis of two ingenious elements which have been painstakingly constructed with eminent craftsmanship into striking terrace-like forms, the DS-1025 provides a unique seating experience. Like terraced hills, the elements left and right vary in width and depth in tapering steps. Together they constitute a welcoming two-seater, a pyramid or a small range of upholstered hillocks. With the addition of extra elements, it is possible to create seating groups whose diversity is limited only by the owner’s imagination.

ds1025 chair 2 DS 1025   A unique seating experience

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