A Radiator with Style

A Radiator with Style

Now you can have a real beautiful radiator that not only does it provide the much needed heating for the colder days, but it also functions has a stylish mirror and there’s a digital clock on the front panel.I can say that these are the new generation radiators, everybody will want one, because of design, and multi functionality. They are just beautiful, now you don’t have to worry about a radiator that can destroy a room design because you have Tubor Radiator.


  • Autumn yang October 15, 2009 at 08:28 AMLogin to Reply →

    We are currently manufacturing Valves for central heating applications worldwide, monitor arms for stock market traders and merchant banks and high precision medical and dental parts.

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    i would llike to send me more information about mirror radiator with digital clock . if you don;t have representative in Greece , i would like to have a cooperation with the heater company